>> LOWLAND 2013

PREMIERE: 08/03/13 - Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

Fascinated by the migrations of birds, we want to learn to fly. Lowland returns us to the animality of the body and movement, to learning, effort, tenacity and endurance, to beauty, the spirit of self-improvement and the spirit of freedom. To leave or to put down roots? Lowland is each individual's landscape and journey. We can only fly with our bodies and we will need ingenuity and imagination to spread open our own wings. An imaginary world of birds and men,full of light and vitality in the low ground.

"50 minutes of choreographic perfection. We ask for more." *****
Audry Chaix, Toutelaculture (Avignon)

"It is superb, magnetic, I would even dare to say hypnotic."
Jordi Cervera, Catalunya Ràdio

"Lowland is a miniature sculpted with clockmaking precision. A precise, suggesting and hypnotic dance"
Omar Khan, Susy-Q. Dance magazine

"At the end of this exhausting physical duel, both performers, panting, seemed convinced that they have actually flown. We are too"
Omar Khan, Susy-Q. Dance magazine


Concept and choreography: Roser López Espinosa / Creation and dance: Guy Nader, Roser López Espinosa / Music: Ilia Mayer / Lighting design: Katinka Marac / Movement assistant: Maria Campos / Dramaturgy consultant: Raquel Tomàs / Costume design: Lluna Albert / Zoetrope: Noemí Laviana / Artistic advice: Àngels Margarit / Technical chief: Joana Serra / Management: Carmina Escardó / DROM

Thanks to: Sergio Rodríguez, Rosa Espinosa, Raquel Gualtero, Abel Cunillera, Paul Beumer, Domènec López, Ivo Bol, Sònia Klamburg, Alex Serrano, Pere Milan, EMDC

Co-production: Mercat de les Flors
Created in residency at Graner centre for creation, La Caldera - Dance and Performance Arts Centre and Àngels Margarit / Cia Mudances (Barcelona), L’Estruch (Sabadell), KREA / Azala (Vitoria) and LSD Movement / Losdedae (Alcalá de Henares), Madrid Choreography Contest / Paso a Dos (Madrid), Melkweg Theater (Amsterdam) and Dansateliers (Rotterdam).
With the collaboration of Culture Department of Generalitat de Catalunya and INAEM - Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música.
With the support of Institut Ramon Llull and Acción Cultural Española.

Duration: 50 min

Photos: Alfred Mauve, Luis Castilla, Mirabelwhite, Andrea Macchia

"Lowland has the beauty of that apparently simple".
Afonso Becerra de Becerreá, PreTextos TRC Danza

"The beautiful complicity, the freshness of the performance and the sensitive choreographic line make us certainly fly."
Sophie Bauret, La Vaucluse (Avignon)

"The magic touch of the festival."
"An extremely calibrated piece of beauty, precision and pace."
"If only one company was to be awarded with an acknowledgment Interplay 2016, this would Roser Lopez Espinosa."

Chiara Castellazzi, Il sole 24 ore (Torino)

"A marvellous odissey danced in duo: a sublime and delicate, fresh and innovative, hypnotic and captivating score."
Jean Hostache, City Local News (Avignon)

"Pure movement. The dancers managed to thrill the audience solely through dance. The duo moved on stage with a strong technique and great listening (...) and managed to bring to remembrance the flight of birds in search of freedom."
Nahuel Aguirre. Balletin Dance Magazine, Argentina

"With extraordinary control and movement power, with a measured and well-cared choreography, Lowland invites us to discover our own wings, those that only unfold and glide when we have been near the threshold of maximum effort, tenacity and our own self-improvement." María de Castro Orbea, Momiviento.com


17.03.2018 Théâtre des Mazades, Toulouse (France)
25.11.2018 Festival (Re)conaissance, Grenoble (France)
06.07.2017 Festival Agitart, Figueres
22.04.2017 Festival Sismògraf, Olot
24.03.2017 Festival Rencontres Essonne Danse, Evry (France)
21.10.2016 Festival Internacional Danzalborde, Valparaíso (Chile)
21.10.2016 Festival Internacional Danzalborde, Valparaíso (Chile) - school program performance
19.10.2016 Festival Internacional Danzalborde, Coyhaique / Patagonia (Chile)
20.05.2016 Interplay / International Contemporary Dance Festival, Torino (Italy)
01.05.2016 Teatre Cal Bolet, Vilafranca del Penedès
30.04.2016 Centre Cultural de Cardedeu
20.12.2015 Teatre Bartrina, Reus
04.12.2015 Teatro Alhambra, Granada
03.12.2015 Teatro Alhambra, Granada
09.10:2015 Auditori de Granollers
20.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
19.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
18.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
17.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
16.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
14.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
13.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
12.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
11.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
10.07.2015 CDC - Les Hivernales, Avignon (France)
05.06.2015 Auditorio de Tenerife, Canary Islands
30.04.2015 Teatro de Carballo, Carballo, Galicia
19.04.2015 Aerowaves Spring Forwards Festival, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
21.03.2015 Centro Párraga, Murcia
14.03.2015 Teatro Rosalía de Castro, A Coruña
14.12.2014 Korzo Theater, The Hague (The Netherlands)
15.11.2014 Teatre d'Artà, Mallorca
26.10.2014 Festival Internacional Prisma (Panamá)
27.09.2014 Festival FIDIC / Iberoamerican Meeting, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
28.05.2014 Pim Off, Milano (Italy)
27.05.2014 Pim Off, Milano (Italy)
26.05.2014 Pim Off, Milano (Italy)
24.11.2013 Festival internacional Temporada Alta, Girona
16.11.2013 Festival internacional Mes de Danza, Sevilla
15.11.2013 Festival internacional Mes de Danza, Sevilla
10.07.2013 Project Presentation. IPAM / Festival GREC, Barcelona
08.06.2013 L’Estruch, Sabadell
10.03.2013 Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
09.03.2013 Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
08.03.2013 Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona - PREMIERE


LOWLAND on TV3 >> Creation process
ROSER LOPEZ ESPINOSA on TV program ÀNIMA, about the new generation of Catalan choreographers. Canal 33.

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