2018 MÖBIUS // Compagnie XY (France)
Dance workshop and movement advice for the creation of Möbius by worldwide renown circus company Compagnie XY.
Choreography by Compagnie XY in collaboration with Rachid Ouramdane. Möbius is based on bird migrations and Roser López Espinosa is invited to collabore with the company since this subject has been critical to her work as a choreograher since 2013 in the creation of dance pieces Lowland (2013), The Flock (2016), L'estol (2017) for the National Dance Production of Catalonia.

2013 EL MOVIMENT PERPETU [The perpetual motion] // Documentary by Isaki Lacuesta
Roser López Espinosa collaborates in the documentary by film maker Isaki Lacuesta with choreographer Cesc Gelabert, on how knowledge and movement have been passed down in dance history in Catalonia during the last century. Broadcasted on TV3.
Roser López Espinosa characterized as Tórtola Valencia. Characteritzation by Lydia Azzopardi. Photo © Isaki Lacuesta

2011 L'HOME QUE PERDIA ELS BOTONS // Cia. Circ Pànic
Physical training and movement assistance for the circus production L'home que perdia el botons, by company Circ Pànic.
Zirkòlica Prize as Best Circus Street Performance of Catalonia in 2012.

2008 THE LINDENMEYER SYSTEM // André Gingras (The Netherlands) // Text translation
Translation into Spanish of this dance piece’s texts for the company's performances in festival Escena Contemporánea 2009 in Madrid.

2008 - 2014

Photos: Anna Padrós / Choreography and dance: Roser López Espinosa
When finishing the creation process of Còncau we aimed at photographing the dancer’s body like a sculptural body. Initially thought as promotional material, these photos gained their own entity as a graphic material and have been exhibited in theatres and creation centres.
Exhibition dates:
October - November 2014 Babèlia, Barcelona
08.11.2012 - 18.12.2012 Escola Municipal de Dansa de Celrà
25.06.2010 - 20.12.2010 La Caldera - Centre de creació de dansa, Barcelona
26 - 27.05.2010 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam (Holanda)
05 - 12.03.2009 Centre Cultural de Cardedeu
05 - 12.02.2009 Yokohama Dance Collection R / Showcase, Yokohama (Japan) +
20 - 31.05.2008 BCSTX, Mercat de les Flors / Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona +
February - March 2008 Korzo Theater, The Hague (The Netherlands)

“When two artistic activities intertwine, in this case dance and photography, it is easy to gain a touching result. In fact, what reaches the audience is the combination of sensations and feelings that both artists express in our work. It usually works this way, since perceptions are personal and unique and we experience them within our individual reality. We encourage spectators to look and feel.“ Anna Padrós

“Since this piece was inspired by the work of a sculptor, we tried to photograph the dancing body in a similar way as sculpture works are photographed. The most important aspect of the portraits is not the dancer but the constructions the body creates with its density and its details. The space around it becomes non important; it is white and clear, allowing the body to gain all its relevance.” Roser López Espinosa

2009 IMPROVISATION COLLECTIVE // Collective for research on improvisation strategies
Improvisation collective of dancers and musicians, with the goals of improvising in front of an audience in a regular schedule and researching on improvisation and its strategies. Most of us shared that experience in Amsterdam and we aimed at developing the strategies we learnt. Centre Cívic de la Barceloneta (Barcelona) hosts the project by programming a monthly improvisation series in 2009.
Dancers: Isabel Ollé, Maria Campos, Raquel Gualtero, Guy Nader, Roser López Espinosa / Musicians: Albert Juan Monjo and Miguel Fernández
Collaborators: Lighting: Conrado Parodi and Daniel Caballero / Musicians: Oriol Roca, Noè Escolà, Guy Nader and Daniel Balabane

International Contemporary Dance and Videodance Festival
Artistic direction and coordination: Roser López Espinosa
Organized by: Amics del Teatre de Ponent, with the support of Teatre de Ponent
May 8 -14 2006 / Teatre de Ponent, Granollers

2006 SILENCE AND THE POSSIBILITY TO IMAGINE // Video documentary for dance company Mal Pelo
In 2004 dance company Mal Pelo invites me to take part as a dancer in the workshop – lab “Silence and the possibility to imagine”, as well as to carry out some written documentation on the daily practice. Researcher Isabel de Naverán films the practice. Isabel de Naverán and me meet again in 2006 and ensemble the material collected in 2004 in a video documentary, which includes some recordings of hers and some texts of mine. This material is part of the company’s and L’animal a l’esquena's archive.
Written report (2004): Roser López Espinosa

Documentation: Isabel de Naveran and Roser López Espinosa
Texts: Roser López Espinosa
Camera and video editing: Isabel de Naverán
Photo: Roser López Espinosa
DVD Duration: 1h 24´

2006 IMPROVISED TWO-MINUTES SOLO // Roser López Espinosa – danceWEB-Europe
Collective video "Two minutes improvisation solos" by danceWEB-Europe 2005 scholarship holders. Departing from the improvisation practice with David Zambrano as a coach, the scholarship holders ensemble improvised solos under two premises: one single shot and no editing.
Improvisation: Roser López Espinosa / Filming: Krzysztof Wegiel
Thanks to: Galleria Space with a Roof, Amsterdam
Showed at ImpulsTanz 2006 international dance festival (Vienna, Austria) and at CALIDOSCOPI festival (Granollers, 2006).