>> AURORA 2022

Creation for MiR DANCE COMPANY (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)

PREMIERE: 29/10/22 - Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkichen (Germany)

Every morning is a new beginning. Aurora, the goddess of the dawn, streches her limbs. The northen lights, also called aurora, cloth the earth in a dazzling play of colours that the eye can only explain in amazement. In the beginning, hope is still young, strength is high and the happiness of the moment is so tangible that you think you can keep it forever. AURORA is a dance evening about the magic of awakening, which bathes everything that was grey yesterday into a new light.

The Spanish choreographer Roser López Espinosa is a border crosser. Her choreographies explore the physical limits of the human body and its mobility. With daring acrobatic elements, she expands the idea of modern dance. Together with the director of the MiR Dance Company Giuseppe Spota, she builds the dance evening AURORA, a journey to the beginnings of all human happiness.


Concept and choreography: Roser López Espinosa / Created with and performed by: Tanit Cobas, Marie-Louise Hertog, Einav Kringel, Alessio Monforte, Pablo Navarro Muñoz, Simone Frederick Scachetti, Chiara Rontini, Joonatan Zaban / With the collaboration of all MiR Dance Company dancers / Original music: Mark Drillich / Dramaturgy: Katarina Pejović / Set and costume design: Roser López Espinosa / Lighting tehcnician: Mario Turco / Stage manager: Katrine Reichardt / Rehearsal director: Tenald Zace / Artistic advice: Giuseppe Spota / Executive production: Michelle Yamamoto

Thanks to: Jou Serra, Sergio Roca Saiz, Åsa Gjerstad

Duration: 50 min

Photos: Bettina Stöß

MiR DANCE COMPANY >> www.musiktheater-im-revier.de