fotos: Alfred Mauve




Creation project BCN_MTL. Festival GREC 2012, Barcelona.

BCN_MTL - Intergenerational and intercultural creation project
BCN_MTL is a project of collaboration and artistic exchange to encourage experiences and dialogues between artists from different cultures. Young artists and artists with a strong experience and career in dance take part of this project. A collaboration bewteen creation centres La Caldera in Barcelona and Circuit-Ést in Montreal, Canada.

As a result, two pieces by two young choreographers (Roser López Espinosa - Bcn and Marie Béland - Montreal), performed by a dancer and maker with a strong experience (Louise Bédard - Montreal and Inés Boza - Bcn).


Louise and me started this project with an initial idea for a solo based on the idea of a portrait: identity and disguise. At the end of the first phase in Montreal, a pictures caught us both sitting in the exactly same position while talking about our many and strong differences.That image surprised so much, that I decided to turn the piece into a duet - game about all what we shared and talk at the same time about the process itself: two women who didn't know each other before, coming from two different countries and two different generations and aparently with very different ways to understand dance and staging a piece, succeed in meeting each other by dancing, with feminity anda bit of humour.

Concept and diretion: Roser López Espinosa
Creation and dance: Louise Bédard and Roser López Espinosa
Music: Ivo Bol, James Cotton
Lighting design: Israel Quintero
Special thanks to Alexis Eupierre.

Duration: 30 minutes

A project by creation centres La Caldera in Barcelona and Circuit-Ést in Montreal, Canada. With the support of Festival GREC de Barcelona and Bureau del Quebec in Barcelona.